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Independent Mortgage Originator

GA Direct: 404-313-9785
FL Direct: 727-275-0928


20 years experience helping families purchase and finance real estate.

Specialties include:  FHA Insured, HUD regulated Home Equity Conversion Mortgages, Proprietary jumbo reverse mortgages as well as conventional, FHA and VA mortgages for primary and second homes in Georgia and Florida.

We at Central Florida Reverse focus on:

Financial professionals and borrowers with their most important needs: Reducing the likelihood of assets insufficient to meet retirement needs. Our team accomplishes this through near limitless options for their clients, but all solutions focus on increasing cash flow, decreasing monthly expenses, adding money back into retirement savings and, most importantly, in partnership with financial professionals setting in place what can be a lifetime of guaranteed access to housing wealth.

Realtors by offering an alternative source of income with better alternatives to all cash offers in three distinct ways  

  • allowing buyers to obtain the benefits of an all cash offer without investing 100% of their cash in illiquid assets,
  • leveraging buyers’ cash to purchase a home that may be better suited to their needs, especially when a more expensive home may satisfy their wants, and
  • assisting homebuyers who may have difficulty qualifying for loans due to credit, insufficient assets or those who merely want to eliminate the requirement of monthly mortgage payments.

Borrowers and their families by providing the most appropriate financial instrument available to seniors, 60 and better… the Retirement Mortgage.  How? By being their loan consultant and mortgage advocate in the loan process, primarily for the FHA insured, HUD regulated Home Equity Conversion Mortgage as well as the proprietary jumbo reverse loans.

We encourage you to view all of our website and, of course, if you would like more information or a free consultation, please feel free to reach out. We are licensed in Georgia and Florida, however we also have a network of referral professionals nationwide that we are happy to recommend.

Me personally? I have a wife of 45 years, am a father of two, grandfather of 5, love golf and tennis, college football and professional baseball as well as smoking or grilling most anything on a Big Green Egg with family and friends.

And, of course, I am an independent mortgage loan originator in both the forward and reverse mortgage markets focused on helping senior borrowers Retire as Desired. 


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